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October 12, 2009


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Gorgeous dress designs...The Hamilton Halton Fall Wedding Show was still able to pull through with impressive attendance.

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As always a spectacular event !!!!
The wedding industry has come a long way in the last couple thousand years, and has evolved from a system where women were viewed as possessions and sold as wives to the modern day billion dollar system where couples spend thousands of dollars to have their ideal of the perfect day of union. In ancient times men would capture their wives from neighboring tribes, and the marriage relationship took on a persona of the man being the victorious slave owner and the woman as the defeated enemy forced to work and bear children. Later, marriage developed into an actual industry where women were sold as wives for cattle, grain, or other valuable goods. It was not until the Roman civilization that women were allowed to choose who they married

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Very glamorous design of gowns, different from other gowns I've seen before.


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